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Importing vehicles from Japan is a relatively simple process that can be divided into four main steps.


We have many vehicles and car parts in stock that are ready to be shipped to your country. If you do not know what kind of car you need, we may be able to find and get it for you. Please contact us first.


We will contact you to talk about the specifics


We will send you a stock list by fax or e-mail. All we need is the name of manufacture and car. Your price range and other detail you feel necessary.


Once the auction is over we arrange transportation, documentation & shipping to your destination

After reciving all the original documents from the shipping line we will dispatch them via DHL or Fedex, this will take a few days for delivery


If you really want to import and export used car from Japan, We will search your car not only Japanese car auction but also Japanese used car dealers or other sources. Let us take care of your car order from the beginning to the end.

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